Using Foundation to Cover a Birthmark and feeling comfortable in your own skin

Julia, a loyal Dermablend user, shares her story and how she uses Dermablend Foundation if and when she chooses to wear makeup.

When she was born she had a birthmark on her face that was dark and purple. As a little girl she would hide it with her bangs. At the age of thirteen it spread more across her face and got darker. When she went to the doctor they did not know the name of it. Julia shared her birthmark on social media and found that the name is Nevus of Ota and that it is just hyperpigmentation of the skin.

When she was around eighteen years old she found Dermablend and was so happy because she never thought she would find a makeup that would make her skin look even. Dermablend helped her feel like herself again. Before Dermablend, Julia cared about what people thought about her, because she wasn't able to build up that confidence. But now after using Dermablend, she gained that confidence. Dermablend gives her the choice that if she wants to wear makeup she can and it will do what it should do. Now when she looks into the mirror with or without makeup she just sees herself. When Julia first started sharing her birthmark on social media, she had a girl with the same birthmark reach out to her.The girl told Julia that after she saw the video she felt more confident because she realized that she does not need to cover up who she is.

Now Julia feels comfortable enough to go out without always feeling like she has to wear makeup; she feels beautiful with or without it. Just the other day she wasn't wearing makeup and it was the first time her brother-in-law saw her birthmark. Julia felt confident to show him because she doesn’t feel the need to hide it anymore. It has been a journey to accept her birthmark and although makeup doesn't make her who she is, it helps give her a choice of whether or not she wants her birthmark to show.