Let’s Talk Compromised Skin with Dr. Jeanne Eyde

A compromised skin barrier can be difficult to address without the right skin health education and products. We’ve partnered with Board Certified ENT – Facial Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of Grand Pearl Spa & SkinLab by Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Jeanne Eyde, to bring you expert knowledge on addressing your compromised skin barrier.

How does skin become compromised and what causes it?

“The skin is our first line of defense against the external environment. This protective function of our skin becomes impaired when our skin barrier is compromised by irritants such as environmental allergens and pollutants, or even changes in diet, travel and the weather. Over washing, over exfoliation, stress and lack of sleep can also lead to a compromised skin barrier.” – Dr. Jeanne Eyde

How do I know if my skin barrier is compromised?

“Compromised skin can look and feel inflamed. Symptoms such as dry, itchy skin, tightness and acne are indicators of a compromised moisture barrier.” – Dr. Jeanne Eyde

How can I treat and cover compromised skin?

“Hydration from the inside out is key to restoration of the skin barrier. A gentle cleanser and a daily nourishing cream are recommended to start. Holding off on exfoliators may be warranted until the inflammation is under control. Finally, protection of the skin from harmful UV rays is essential so look for products with SPF. A tinted makeup solution like Dermablend’s Continuous Correction CC Cream can help conceal noticeable imperfections.” – Dr. Jeanne Eyde

What ingredients strengthen my skin barrier?

“Happy, healthy-looking skin relies upon ingredients that help restore hydration in and prevent the loss of moisture from the skin barrier, such as ceramides, free fatty acids and niacinamide. Ingredients that help support the skin’s ability to retain moisture also include hyaluronic acid, glycerin and panthenol. By keeping moisture in the skin, we give the skin’s natural repair processes time to work and help prevent further damage to the moisture barrier.” – Dr. Jeanne Eyde

What Dermablend routine would you recommend for someone with compromised skin?

“There are many options to choose from in the Dermablend. My go to for compromised skin is Dermablend Professional’s Flawless Creator. It only has 9 ingredients plus high-performance pigments and is both allergy and sensitive skin tested to provide weightless, beautiful coverage in a variety of shades without worsening existing mild to severe skin conditions.” – Dr. Jeanne Eyde

What tips do you have for someone with compromised skin?

“Consulting with a trusted skin care professional is paramount to achieving healthy, glowing skin. A thorough skin evaluation along with a comprehensive daily skin care regimen to nourish and protect the skin is the first step. When followed with Dermablend’s non-comedogenic, buildable coverage backed by Dermablend’s skin security standards, the result is confidence and comfort living in your own beautiful skin!” – Dr. Jeanne Eyde